About TheStatsMedic

Math teachers are brilliant! We love our content, and we know it well. After all, we spent four years of college navigating all those Calculus courses, Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations. And then, after learning all this math content, we took specific courses on how to teach students this content.

But now all math teachers, from the sixth to the twelfth grade, are being asked to teach some level of Statistics – and many of us are scared to death.  And it’s not our fault! We were not adequately prepared to teach Statistics. Most of us were required to take only one Statistics course in our college degree. On top of that, we were never trained on how to teach Statistics.

This is where The Stats Medic comes to the rescue. We hope to provide you with the insight and resources to become a healthy and confident Statistics teacher. With better Statistics instruction, our students will be more engaged in our content and recognize the value that it provides in their lives.


About the Medics

Stats Medics Lindsey Gallas and Luke Wilcox
Stats Medics Lindsey Gallas and Luke Wilcox

Lindsey Gallas and Luke Wilcox are math instructors at East Kentwood High School in Kentwood, Michigan. Their school has a wonderfully diverse student body and a talented staff who are committed to student success. Both were inadequately prepared for teaching statistics and have worked extremely hard to try to remedy that situation.

Lindsey teaches Intro to Statistics and Algebra 2. Her teaching style revolves around creating contexts that activate students’ curiosity. If you visit her classroom on any given day, you will see students working in small groups as they discuss what they notice and wonder. Her students say that she is mathalicious.  She has a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a specialization in Math. Lindsey previously taught 7th and 8th grade math for 5 years before moving to high school. Outside of school, she loves to cook for her family and friends, and she loves to take her dog, Lucy, to the park. She’s a bit of a DIY fanatic and has a recently developed love of power tools. She and her husband travel whenever possible, including a recent East Coast road trip from Portland, Maine to Washington, D.C. (@MrsGallasMath)

Luke teaches Intro to Statistics and Advanced Placement Statistics. He has also been an Academic Support Coach, where he helped plan, develop, and inspire teacher learning. He believes that students and teachers learn best when there is a context to connect to their learning. Luke did his undergraduate mathematics and physics degree at the University of Michigan and now has his Masters Degree in Mathematics Education from Grand Valley State University. He was recently recognized as the Presidential Award winner for Mathematics in the State of Michigan, an award that provided him the opportunity to meet President Obama. Outside the classroom, he is a keynote speaker and facilitates teacher professional development in curriculum, assessment, and strategies for motivating students. He is a proud husband to Jamie and father of two beautiful children, Reese and Trey. His hobbies include running, snowboarding, Phish shows, eating tacos, building and driving race cars, Wagon Attack, riding motorcycles, Chop Top Challenge and traveling to new places. (@wilcoxl22)