Morning: Statistics and the Redesigned SAT

Power Point Presentation

Activity: Odds or Evens? | Answer Key

Activity: Can we Predict a Person’s Height From Their Shoes? Part 1Part 2 | Answer Part 1 | Answer Part 2

Activity: Does Beyonce Write Her Own Lyrics? | Song lyrics | Answer Key

Four Stats Units

Afternoon: Experience First, Formalize Later

PowerPoint Presentation 

Activity: Function Families: Absolute Value | Circles | Quadratics | Answer Key

Activity: Discovering Special Right Triangles | Answer Key

Activity: The Walking Dead | Answer Key


Afternoon: AP Statistics

PowerPoint Presentation

Activity: Did the Creators cheat at the casino? | Simulation  | Answer Key

Activity: Is Mr Wilcox an 80% free throw shooter?  | Simulation  | Answer Key

Activity: Is one form of the AP exam harder?  | Simulation  | Answer Key

AP Statistics Exam 2009 B #5  | Solution