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    Erin Trahan

    Can I get a better idea of how you are attaching the rubber bands to the dolls? Do you use tape measures or yard sticks or what? I’m assuming when collecting the data, you guys are not at the actual balcony, correct? Typically, how far is the doll with 7 rubberbands? I’m wondering if their desk tops are high enough off the ground to collect the data.

    I’m interested in this activity, I just feel like I have a ton of questions about it!
    Erin Trahan
    AP Statistics
    Mooresville High School

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    Hi Erin,
    We start by tying one rubberband really tightly around the ankles. I say tie but really we just loop over and over. Then use a slip knot to attach each rubberband to that. We use meter sticks since cm will be more precise than inches. 7 rubberbands usually goes farther than 1 meter so have extra sticks or have students problem solve by measuring the height of a desk or table and drop from there. Dropping from a desk has always been fine.
    You’ll want to run things as efficiently as possible so front load as much as you can. Make sure students understand that if Barbie is going to drop from 5 meters, you don’t want a 5 meter cord. This sounds obvious but many students have simply measured the distance she hangs and not the distance she stretches to. Also, tell students to add one rubberband at a time and measure before adding another. Sometimes they make a cord of 7 rubberbands first and then work their way backwards. This wastes time.
    We don’t actually drop Barbie on this day, we wait until the end of the chapter on the review day. Make sure to check out that post when we get there.
    Let us know how it goes! Good luck!

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