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    Theresa Berna

    Thank you for this amazing resource!!! We just adopted the SPA curriculum and it is great to be able to ride on your coat tails. I just noticed in the Chapter 1 Test area that you mentioned that you were going to do less multiple choice because there were no opportunities for partial credit. A few years ago, in my AP Statistics, I started giving partial credit for multiple choice. The students have the option of putting one answer or two. If they are sure of their answer they put one letter done. It is either right or wrong (4 points or 1 point). If they put two answers they need to indicate their first choice and their second choice. If their first choice is correct – 3 points, if their second is correct – 2 points, and if neither are correct – 1 point. This way, they can see what they thought was correct and it they second guessed themselves – was it worth it! Again, thank you!!!

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    That sounds really interesting! We have never tried allowing for students to choose more than one answer. Approximately what percent of questions are being answered with two choices instead of one? Do most students still choose one answer?

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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