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    Daniel Barkley

    Hi Luke,
    Was reading some of your previous blog posts, and came across that interesting piece about always returning the students tests the following day. A practical question about that – what do you do about absent students? Different versions? I like using the same version for all students since the question difficulty can vary so much when using previous AP questions. Thanks!

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    Luke Wilcox

    Hi Daniel,

    I totally agree with you on trying to keep the test at the same difficulty level for all students. I highly encourage any students that know they will be absent to take the test the following morning before school. I even send email reminders to each student absent on test day to try and get them in the next morning. Inevitably there are always students who miss and don’t get in the next morning to take it. I have them step out into the hallway to study for the 25 minutes when students are working on test corrections. I realize that other students could leak the multiple choice answers (I always have two versions) or reveal the context of the free response questions, but I see such value in students getting immediate feedback that I risk it.

    I also have a very honest conversation with students very early in the year about cheating. The conversation starts with students filling out this Google survey: “Is this considered cheating“.

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    Jeff Eicher

    Hi Luke,

    Would you share a copy of the “is this cheating” survey so I can use it and its data in my classes?


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    Lynn Adsit

    Hi Luke,
    I really like your “Cheating Survey” I will add this to my first week of school, maybe even first week of semester. It provides a nice way to have a frank discussion around perceptions and expectations!! Thanks for sharing.

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