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    Math teachers are brilliant. We love our content and we know it well. After all, we spent four years of college navigating several Calculus courses, Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations. And then, after learning all this math content, we took specific courses on how to teach students this content.

    But now all math teachers 6-12 are being asked to teach some level of Statistics…and many of us are scared to death.

    And it’s not our fault. We were not adequately prepared to teach Statistics. Most of us had at most one Statistics course in our college degree. On top of that, we were never trained on how to teach Statistics.

    This is where The Stats Medic comes to the rescue. We hope to provide you with the insight and resources to become a healthy and confident Statistics teacher. With better Statistics instruction, our students will leave our classrooms with the statistical literacy necessary to make important decisions in their lives.

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    This is good stuff.

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    Josh Nelson

    Is it possible to get ahold of the handouts you developed for the 6 week Statistics unit within your Geometry course? I attended your workshop at the MCTM conference this summer and felt like this was an excellent resource!

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    Luke Wilcox

    Hey Josh,

    Please send us an email at luke.wilcox@kentwoodps.org for more info.

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