Learning Targets

  • Learning target #1. (Capitalize first word but not others.  Period at end.)
  • Learning target #2.
  • Learning target #3.
Quick Lesson Plan Time
Activity page 1 15 minutes
Debrief Activity page 1 10 minutes
Activity page 2 10 minutes
Debrief Activity page 2 5 minutes
Big Ideas 5 minutes
Check Your Understanding              (total minutes = 50) 5 minutes

Activity: Question at Top of Activity?

Download Word | pdf | Answer Key (all 3 links open in new page)

Describe the Activity.  What important reflection can you share about the activity.  What went well?  What went poorly?  What are common student misconceptions?  How can we connect the Activity to the learning targets?

Photo Sep 11, 10 11 22 AM
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Teaching Tips or Reflection or Making Connections or Using Technology or Other Resources

Reflect about the content of this lesson.  What part of the content do students struggle with?  What strategies can we use to improve student learning.  How can we connect new learning to old learning?  How can we preview upcoming learning?





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